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dZi Foundation has now registered as a UK registered charity, which will allow them to claim UK Gift Aid from the UK tax authority to make the donation tax efficient.  Please go to this page:

Follow the instructions on the page.  Make sure to elect Gift Aid and dZi will take care of the tax claim.



US donors:  to make a tax-deductible donation go to – donation page — IMPORTANT: Put “EVEREST2013” in the box for “Group”.  dZi is registered as a US charity and will send all paperwork for tax.



Please also use the JustGiving page
(allows a number of different currencies: EUR, AUD, HKD, CAD, SGD and AED in addition to GBP and USD).  

Chhitre visit pic with kids

Help these kids to a basic education – from my visit to Chhitre village after the Everest/Lhotse climb, under the rain shelter that serves as temporary school


I have made a personal donation of £5,000 (~ $7,830) which shall result in an additional £1,250 in Gift Aid, or a total of close to $10,000.  I made a significant contribution because I have a strong personal connection to this project, and I hope we can reach and exceed the target of $27,000 through your help – any and all amounts are welcome!  If you know me well, you will know me to be someone who likes to dig deep and do a lot of research, and I have done everything I can to do due diligence on dZi Foundation, including analyzing their financials (publicly available), meeting more or less the entire team in Nepal, and visiting the extremely remote village and checking the work in progress.  Not only can I say they checked all the boxes, but also seeing the gratitude of the villagers was amazing.  If you have been looking for a good charity project to support – trust me, this is your opportunity.


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