Please check out this video for some amazing footage from Everest and the village where we are building the school… After seeing exactly where the money is going to, and seeing the gratitude of the kids and villagers in general I hope you will find it worthwhile to donate to support the project.

6 thoughts on “EVEREST VIDEO!!!

  1. Onnik Mikaelian


    This looks like an absolutely incredible experience and an amazing video! What you are doing for humanity is fantastic! My name is Onnik Mikaelian and I am very close friend of Jackie Papazian, who shared the video with me. I will certainly donate to support the project.

    With warmest regards,

  2. Joe Armstrong

    Amazing video (and achievement)! I would have joined you but am not that great with hights and crevasses and all that…
    See you soon.

  3. Maurie Staples

    Congratulations,Thomas..Great effort..Would like to have seen your Guide on both climbs,get a mention..Kind Regards,and all the best with your Fund raising..Maurie.

    1. tstromstedt Post author

      Hi Maurie, and thanks. Dean Staples did an amazing job and has been duly mentioned in the last acknowledgement screen of the video, for both some of the great still photos I have used in the video, and for excellent guiding as our chief guide. Perhaps re-check the video? I also thanked Adventure Consultants and all staff involved as everyone did a great job, including the other lead guides Lydia and Ang Dorjee, all the base camp staff, and the AC office staff back in Wanaka. Ang Gelu Sherpa had a special role because we climbed together throughout the expedition, he was also my cameraman, and then we trekked for 10 days after, both to the Chhitre village, and to Ang Gelu’s village to visit his family. All-in-all, everyone did a great job, and Deano and I (and Guy Cotter, AC boss) have been emailing to figure out what’s the next expedition :-)

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