Below are some images from our first acclimatization rotation up the mountain.  We started out at 2am and left base camp, going through the Khumbu Icefall and up to Camp 1 at approx. 5,900m / 6,000m. We arrived in Camp 1 at approx. 7.30am.  (Some of the photos are from our descent back to base camp a few days later)

Icefall 1 Icefall 2 Icefall 3 Icefall 4 Icefall 5 Icefall 6 Icefall 6a Icefall 6b Icefall 6c Icefall 6d Icefall 6e Icefall 6fIcefall 6g Icefall 7 Icefall 10 Icefall 11 Icefall 12 Icefall 14 Icefall 15 Icefall 16 Icefall 17 Icefall 18 Icefall 19 Icefall 20Icefall 27 Icefall 28 Icefall 29 Icefall 30 Icefall 31 Icefall 32 Icefall 35 Icefall 36 Icefall 37 Icefall 38 Icefall 46 P4242236 S1140001 S1140003 S1140007 S1140008  S1180008 S1180009 S1180010 S1180012

Camp 1 is a very simple camp where we only had our 2-share tents and a small temporary kitchen tent.  Our Sherpas managed to cook us astonishingly good food despite these simple facilities, including fresh pizza-like bread.  Camp 1 was extremely HOT during the day – and extremely COLD during the evening/night!

P4252259 P4252241 P4252242 P4252245 P4252246 P4252248 P4252254P4252302 S1140011 S1140012 P4252296IMG_3554

We then had a rest day there, which included a shorter walk halfway to Camp 2.

P4252261 P4252263 P4252265 P4252266 P4252267 P4252268 P4252274 P4252277 P4262303 P4262311 P4262313P4252283 S1150005 P4252279 P4252280 P4252282  P4252288  P4252292 P4252294 P4252295

Then the next day, we moved to Camp 2 at approx. 6,400m / 6,500m.  Camp 2 is our Advanced Base Camp (ABC), where there is a proper dining tent with chairs and tables, which was a great up-trade from Camp 1.

IMG_3559 IMG_3562 IMG_3567 P4262319 P4262320 P4262323 P4282326 P4282359 IMG_3563 IMG_3565 IMG_3566 S1150009 S1150010 S1160003 S1160009 S1160013 S1170008

After a rest day at Camp 2, we then went up to the base of the Lhotse face (approx. 6,700m / 6,800m), before returning to Camp 2.


P4282354 P4282357 P4282327 P4282328

P4282332 P4282339 P4282344 P4282348

The next morning, we got up very early (4.15am) and went all the way back down to base camp.

So far, everyone has been feeling very well, which is promising.

In the night between May 2 and May 3, we will be heading up again for our next rotation – this time including one night at Camp 3 (7,300-7,500m)