Life in EBC / the trip so far

First of all, we have no proper internet connection in EBC so I – at least initially – had to go through some pain in order to update my blog /FB page!  Here I am on the “3G rock” halfway between EBC and nearest village Gorak Shep…!


Then, however, since yesterday, I found out about a spot on the Khumbu Glacier / beginning of the Icefall, where there is a 3G connection – and a tent set up by some guys, where you can surf without freezing to death!

EBC internet cafe

Below are some images from our trip so far, including the trek to EBC, life here and our training before heading up the mountain.

Briefing in Kathmandu and flight to Lukla

IMG_3386 IMG_3389M1000001P4031697P4031699M1000004IMG_3410M1000006P4031710M1000014

Trek to EBC

P4031715P4031726 P4031729 P4041739 P4041756 P4041788 P4041789 P4031716 P4031722IMG_3430 IMG_3432P4041794 P4041798 P4041808 P4041806 P4041805 P4041800 P4041817 P4041815

P4041826 P4041839 P4041840 P4041843 P4041846 P4041859 P4061861 P4061872 P4061877 P4061881P4061883 P4061895 P4061896P4061918 P4061943 P4061944 P4061950 P4061956 P4071961P4112075 P4112077 P4112078 P4122079 P4122082 P4122088 P4122089P4112059 P4112050

Lama blessing

In Pangboche, we visited Lama Geshi and got a blessing for climbing Everest, or “Chumulungma as they call it in Sherpa language / Tibetan.

Lama blessing 01 P4071983 P4071995

P4072003 P4072007 S1010007

Life in EBC

IMG_3476  P4122107IMG_3481


IMG_3483 IMG_3484IMG_3487 IMG_3490

IMG_3491 IMG_3497 P4122097 P4122100P4122109 P4142110 P4142128 P4202211

Puja ceremony

P4152132 P4152135 P4152140 P4152149 P4152151S1080004 S1080008 S1080010IMG_3499

Icefall training

IMG_3502 IMG_3505 P4162155 P4162156 P4162157 P4162161S1090001 S1090002 S1090004 S1090005 S1090007 S1090011

Day treks / acclimatization hikes

P4192163 P4192164 P4192165 P4192170

Icefall walks

P4202182 P4202184 P4202190 P4202191 P4202196P4202200 P4202201 P4202206