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“Sherpa attack”

I recently posted something about the “Sherpa attack” on Everest, which was based on my understanding of the situation reported by our guides.  This post attracted some angry/aggressive comments, so I deleted the post.  I’m not trying to take a stance in this issue, I was just trying to say that the whole issue seems to have been blown up out of proportion (it even made it to Swedish press!). It’s unfortunate that there is any conflict on the mountain, and I was just saying that it could probably have been resolved in a more friendly, straightforward way.

This website is about fundraising for the dZi Foundation, and for updating people who are interested in following the progress of our expedition.  I will refrain from commenting on “sensitive” issues.

inReach message from Thomas Stromstedt

Chilled rest day at Camp 2 after tagging lower camp 3@7,200m (new personal altitude record). Back down to EBC tomorrow to complete our 2nd rotation…
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Chief guide Deano expunging a cold…!

… before our first rotation on the mountain…