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SCHOOL FUNDRAISING TARGET REACHED! (and please continue to support dZi)

I’m pleased to announce that we have reached the fundraising target for the Chhitre school project!

Just before Christmas, I received the great news that a very good friend of fine who runs the Swedish insurance broker company BRIM ( will donate SEK50,000 ($7,615) to my Nepalese school project through his company BRIM.

Together with other recent donations, this takes the total donations to approx. $27,300, which is just above the $27,100 budget for the school project.  What a great success!

I appreciate all the donation and support for the project. We have achieved the target for this particular project, but the dZi Foundation continues to do amazing work in Nepal for which they need funding, so please support them with donations either on a one-off or regular basis.

For further instructions see this page:  charity donations


Halfway to the fundriaising target…!

Fundraising update:  So far I have raised $13,900 for dZi Foundation, including UK Gift Aid we expect in relation to UK donors – about 51% of our $27,000 target!

Please help me reach the target – or even better to exceed it!

US donors – tax deductible donation at the dZi web donation page (remember to put “Everest 2013” in the “group” box)

UK and other donors


UK donors – the JustGiving page is finally up and running!

After a long and tedious process, I’m pleased to announce that the JustGiving page is now up and running.  There were quite a few bureaucratic procedures that were needed to be completed to finalize dZI Foundation’s registration as a UK registered charity, set up bank accounts, and file with the tax authority etc – but finally it is now done.

I have updated the donations page with details, and the actual link.

Ps. I will try to update this blog with more pictures from the summit climb, and from the visit to the village Chhitre where we are building the school – trekking there through the jungle was an amazing journey itself!

Thank you for your support and donations!Thomas

Everest/Lhotse double ascent! (Swedish first??)

After summiting Everest, the world’s highest peak, we returned 10am to South Col. At 3am the night after, a brave group of 4 of us set again and climbed Lhotse, 8,516m the world’s 4th highest peak as well.  The Everest+Lhotse double team: Dean Staples from New Zealand (lead guide and 9x Everest summiter), Ang Gelu Sherpa (4x Everest), me (1x Everest), Rinjit Sherpa (1x Everest).

I believe I’m the first Swede to have done the Everest/Lhotse double (one right after the other), and trying to check this formally with the ministry/Elizabeth Hawley, which may take some time… [If anyone knows of any other Swede who has done this before me, let me know]

The first picture is from the summit of Lhotse, in the morning of May 22, and the second one is from the same afternoon when were back down in Camp 2 – where it was way less windy – Ang Gelu dressed in matching Swedish colors haha!

Lhotse summit TS TS-AG double photo

Everest summit pics