Everest/Lhotse double ascent! (Swedish first??)

After summiting Everest, the world’s highest peak, we returned 10am to South Col. At 3am the night after, a brave group of 4 of us set again and climbed Lhotse, 8,516m the world’s 4th highest peak as well.  The Everest+Lhotse double team: Dean Staples from New Zealand (lead guide and 9x Everest summiter), Ang Gelu Sherpa (4x Everest), me (1x Everest), Rinjit Sherpa (1x Everest).

I believe I’m the first Swede to have done the Everest/Lhotse double (one right after the other), and trying to check this formally with the ministry/Elizabeth Hawley, which may take some time… [If anyone knows of any other Swede who has done this before me, let me know]

The first picture is from the summit of Lhotse, in the morning of May 22, and the second one is from the same afternoon when were back down in Camp 2 – where it was way less windy – Ang Gelu dressed in matching Swedish colors haha!

Lhotse summit TS TS-AG double photo

3 thoughts on “Everest/Lhotse double ascent! (Swedish first??)

  1. aregularcupofjo

    It is truly inspiring to see that you climbed Mt. Everest. Since I started blogging, I have been more motivated to get my life together and be productive. This definitely has brightened my desire to do more with my life and push harder. You should be proud of your accomplishment and best of luck withe everything :)

  2. Will

    Nice work mate – you’ve come a long way since learning what an adze is for in Jan!


    Will (from Tasman Saddle Hut, Jan 2013)

  3. Nina Rosengren

    Vad fantastiskt roligt att höra att du klarade både Mt Everest och Lhotse! Jag kan tänka mig att det varit en tuff, men otrolig upplevelse?! Jättegrattis och lycka till med resten av resan!
    /Nina (vi möttes i Chukung, på väg till Island Peak)


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